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Video marketing is a unique way to showcase your business, products or services. Unfortunately, many businesses don't take advantage of online video because they've been left to make placement and production decisions on their own. Ledger Media Group can help guide you through decisions like when and where to run a pre-roll video ad or a video banner ad. Where do you place your company's video profile? And should you have a video channel on There are plenty of video marketing questions and Ledger Media Group can help you with the answers. From video directories to developing video shows, we'll develop a comprehensive video marketing plan that meets your needs. Let us "show" you the way to be successful with video marketing.

“ You're talking, but are you speaking directly to your digital customers? ”

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Ledger Media Group is an Interactive Marketing Company located in Lakeland, FL that provides Print and Marketing Service including: Yahoo! Behavioral Targeting, Search Engine Marketing, Website Development, Online Promotions, Internet Education, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Local Audience Reach via Newspaper Websites, Online Advertising and Content Targeting.© Ledger Media Group Copyright, 2011. All Rights Reserved.